MenuPageSlide Responsive Demo

If you've ever used the mobile version of Facebook, or Path, then you've probably seen something akin to PageSlide in action.

In this example, resizing the browser to a smaller window (less than or equal to an iPhone's landscape view) will collapse and hide the faux menu nav above. Clicking on the menu icon will then trigger PageSlide to open.

Don't really care about this demo, and just want to see PageSlide in action? Click away, my friend.

Interested in learning more about PageSlide?

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Hello There!

This is an example of a PageSlide loading content into an iframe. Click on the main page to close the slide.

It would look funny if I didn't put a bunch of text in here, so I'm typing nonsense. That's right, if you're reading this then you're just reading nonesense, or if you're on the other side of The Big Pond, then I might be inclined to say that you're reading poppycock.